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Oz Biz Directories

A business directory is a website or printed listing of information which lists businesses within niche based categories. Businesses can be categorized by niche, location, activity, or size. Business may be compiled either manually or through an automated online search software. Online yellow pages are a type of business directory, as is the traditional phone book. The details provided in a business directory may vary. They may include the business name, addresses, telephone numbers, location, contact information, type of service or products the business provides, the number of employees, the served region and any professional associations.

Some directories include a section for user reviews, comments, and feedback. Business directories in the past would take a printed format but have recently been upgraded to websites due to the advent of the internet.

Many business directories offer complimentary listings in addition to the premium options. There are many business directories and some of these have moved over to the internet and away from printed format. Whilst not being search engines, business directories often have a search function, enabling users to search businesses by Zip Code, country, state, area or city.You can effectively promote your business, with or without money by doing this:

Create and verify your Google Business Profile
Get a website
Implement SEO
Start a business blog
Share your content
Run Google Ads
Create listings on the major directories
Optimize your listings
Get online customer reviews
Monitor and respond to reviews
Prioritize Facebook
Connect and contribute on LinkedIn
Publish videos to YouTube
Advertise on YouTube
Engage your audience on Instagram
Share on Twitter
Give Pinterest a shot
Try out TikTok
Join online communities
Collaborate with an influencer
Advertise on social media
Seek after local press
Form partnerships
Network, network, network
Host, attend, or sponsor local events
Send direct mail
Try local offline advertising
Attend trade shows
Send marketing emails
Form employee advocates